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ThinkGeek.com to close, replaced as a section of GameStop

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Sad news for anyone who loves geeky goods and top-notch April Fools’ jokes: ThinkGeek.com, the 20-year-old online retailer known for selling more geek-centric gadgets and peripherals than you could fit in a TARDIS, is going away.

According to an FAQ sitting at the top of its site, ThinkGeek isn’t “shutting down,” it just won’t continue on as the site we’ve come to know, instead living on as a shadow of its former self as a section in GameStop (which acquired ThinkGeek in 2015 for a reported $140 million.)

Says the FAQ:

On July 2nd, 2019, ThinkGeek.com will be moving in with our parent company GameStop. After this move, you will be able to shop a curated selection of unique items historically found on ThinkGeek.com via a ThinkGeek section at GameStop

The word “curated” is pretty key, there, because there’s just no way a couple of shelves in GameStop will be able to cover the array of fandoms that ThinkGeek.com covered. From Marvel, to Star Wars, to Potter, to Tolkien, it covered a whole lot of (fan)bases in one swoop.

ThinkGeek.com is — or, I guess, was — one of those shops that was fun to explore; anytime I found myself there, I’d inevitably lose track of time clicking around from category to category, often throwing down a credit card for some Star Wars shirt or Aperture Science pint glass I probably didn’t need. Hopefully that sense of “Oooh, look at that! And that! And that!” will live on in whatever section springs up on GameStop’s site.

The company also says that the 40 standalone ThinkGeek retail stores dotting the U.S. will stay open.

This news comes after a few back-to-back 75%-off sales of all clearance goods, and now it looks like they’ve marked things down 50% site-wide to clear the warehouses.

Perhaps most of all, we’ll miss ThinkGeek’s April Fools’ day gags. On a day in which many companies find themselves trying a bit too hard to make us laugh, ThinkGeek just always seemed to get it right. They’d sprinkle their site with fake product listings for people to stumble upon. Things like…

The Fortnite R/C Battle Bus:

Or the Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass:

Or the absolutely brilliant Tauntaun sleeping bag (a gag that proved so popular that they ended up making and selling them for a while):


ThinkGeek says it’ll still take return requests for orders made before June 13th, and that any ThinkGeek gift cards you’ve got sitting around will be honored at GameStop’s online and real-world locations.

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David Gregg is back with gifts for Dad and Grad season!

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1 – My Passport Go from WD

My Passport Go - Lifestyle 2_sm.jpg


Smart and Practical Gifts that keep on giving – like My Passport Go from WD! It’s a compact, colorful and durable solid-state drive that’s a convenient solution to access and share data while on the go. It puts you in charge of your photos, videos and files, while offering up to 1 terabyte of storage! This tough rubber bumper and integrated cable free you from carrying additional accessories. Its performance is two and a half times faster than most portable hard drives. Get added security from the three year limited warranty, password protection and automatic backups.

WEB: www.wd.com


 2 – ECOVACS Deebot 711


The ECOVACS Deebot 711 gives the gift of time by freeing you up to do more things you enjoy. This smart robotic vacuum makes cleaning floors, rugs and carpet easy! Deebot 711’s Smart Navi feature maps your rooms to systematically clean and avoid missing or repeating any areas. A three stage cleaning system provides a visibly better clean. And the Max, Edge and Spot cleaning modes increase performance for bigger messes. The 110 minute run time and post clean report on the ECOVACS app provides efficiency and confirms all areas of your home are dirt free.

 EB: https://www.ecovacs.com/global

3 – Emerson Sensi Touch and Sensi Predict

Emerson-Sensi-ST75_TStats_Lockup.jpg Emerson’s Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat is a money saving gift! Named Best Overall Smart Thermostat of 2019 – three years running – by USA Today’s Reviewed.com. Features like geofencing, flexible scheduling and remote access will help save about twenty three percent on your HVAC energy use. Beyond thermostats, Emerson has introduced an industry innovation, Sensi Predict. Rolling out nationally – Sensi Predict proactively analyzes HVAC data, recognizing system decline and detecting issues that cause system failure. Learn more about Sensi Predict and the award winning Sensi thermostats, rebates and energy savings at sensi.emerson.com.

 WEB: https://sensi.emerson.com


4 – BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 Tires