When the proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint is complete, the New T-Mobile will deliver three bold initiatives to bring accessibility and connectivity to the most deserving and underserved.

Connecting Heroes will provide EVERY public and non-profit state and local first responder agency across the country with FREE unlimited talk, text and smartphone data – plus they’ll always be among the highest priority on T-Mobile’s network.

Project Ten Million will help eradicate the homework gap for students without internet access. The ten-billion-dollar commitment will deliver free service, hotspots, and reduced cost devices to 10 million households over five years.

T-Mobile Connect is a new low-cost offer for consumers facing a budget crunch. At fifteen dollars a month it includes unlimited talk, text and 2GB of high-speed smartphone data.

CUT: “We can put this network to work doing good for the country. Good for consumers. Good for the competition. Good for innovation.”

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