Give Your Back a Break With Our Favorite Office Chairs

There’s a good chance you’ve given more thought to the mattress you sleep on than the chair you sit on. That’s fine! Sleep is extremely important. But if you spend several hours—more than eight, if you’re me—at your desk, it’s a good idea to give the humble chair more attention. It’s not just about finding a comfortable seat. The right materials can whisk away body heat, and having plenty of adjustability options can tailor the chair to your body. We’ve spent the past year sitting on about 25 office chairs, and these are our favorites. 

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Updated June 2022: We’ve added the Branch Verve, Humanscale Path, Vitrazza Glass Mat, and Nouhaus Ergonomic Chair.

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Simon Hill, Louryn Strampe, Medea Giordano, and Michael Calore contributed to this guide.

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