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Massterly aims to be the first full-service autonomous marine shipping company

Logistics may not be the most exciting application of autonomous vehicles, but it’s definitely one of the most important. And the marine shipping industry — one of the oldest industries in the world, you can imagine — is ready for it. Or at least two major Norwegian shipping companies are:…

Under a millimeter wide and powered by light, these tiny cameras could hide almost anywhere

As if there weren’t already cameras enough in this world, researchers created a new type that is both microscopic and self-powered, making it possible to embed just about anywhere and have it work perpetually. It’s undoubtedly cool technology, but it’s probably also going to cause a spike in…

Virgin Galactic successfully tested its rocket-powered spacecraft today for the first time since 2014Smartsheet co-founder’s next project is a robotic rock picker-upperLast march of the Penryns: Intel cuts Spectre fixes for some older chipsFrom fungal architecture to shape-shifting robo-swarms, here are NASA’s latest moonshots



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