Andrea smith streamlines our lives with tech!

Does your home need an upgrade this fall? We’re not talking about replacing the drapes or a fresh coat of paint, we’re talking about creating a fully-connected living space to streamline your day-to-day. Tech Expert Andrea Smith will reveal the must-have tech and devices to improve your life and your health in more ways than one!

About Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith is an award-winning technology reporter, producer, consultant and speaker. One of the first woman journalists covering technology, Andrea has reported on technology and social media and the impact both have on people and society for broadcast, print and digital outlets since before Jeff Bezos launched She has been an on-air Technology contributor to GMA, WABC TV, ABC News Digital, Huff Po, CNBC, World News Now, Mashable and more.

Andrea loves gadgets, apps, mobile phones, and tech trends and prides herself on being able to explain them in a way that helps people embrace the latest technology.

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