Buying a Home Can Seem Intimidating to First-time Homebuyers

The huge cost savings of the VA home loan at closing and over the lifetime of the loan allows VA borrowers to save for home essentials like furniture, home improvements, emergency situations and build wealth for their families!

Created by the original G.I. Bill (Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944), the VA-Guaranteed Home Loan program has helped generations of veterans, service members, and their families enjoy the dream of homeownership and the opportunity to retain their homes in times of temporary financial hardship.

Buying a home can seem intimidating to first-time homebuyers. In an ever-changing housing market, the VA Home Loan Guaranty can offer cost-saving benefits for veterans, service members, and some surviving spouses.

The VA wants to ensure eligible veterans, service members and their families know about their benefit while dispelling myths about the program, because we believe it’s one of the best deals out there!

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