Future Mobility is One of the Most Rapidly Evolving Transportation Modalities in the World

In February, Arkansas leaders made the bold claim to become the global leader in next generation transportation by 2030. On December 8th, the Arkansas Council on Future Mobility (ACFM) will share their plan for the burgeoning future mobility sector in Arkansas and the Heartland. The plan is the result of 10 months of intensive work by government officials, corporate leaders and private investors collaborating to achieve Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s visionary goal.

Efforts for Arkansas to become a hub for the advanced air mobility (AAM) sector and next gen transportation industry have already been launched, but to be a true global leader in this industry will require more cooperative action. The benefits will include more high-paying jobs for Arkansans, a cleaner environment and less traffic congestion, and a higher gross domestic product to help raise the standard of living for everyone in the region.

Gov. Hutchinson and ACFM Chairman Cyrus Sigari will be available to discuss the blueprint, including the Council’s recommendations and what continued collaborations will be required to reach the goal by the end of the decade.

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