Home Improvement DIY TV star Skip Bedell

Home Improvement DIY TV star Skip Bedell is best known as the strong and creative licensed contrator who provides solutions for home repairs and renovations. But the project Skip finds equally important is his own health and fitness. There is a reason Skip has ripped muscles and the stamina to balance a busy TV career with a wildly successful construction business. He takes care of his body with the same attention to detail that he would when building a multi-million dollar home. On May 3rd, Bedell is teaming up with Vitapod to share timely advice for building a healthy body and home. You’ll learn that this this DIY superstar is also a fitness guru, who has serious concerns about hydration and health. One recent study found that 75% of Americans are chroniically dehydrated on a weekly basis and so it’s understandable that something needs to change. In fact, 9 our of 10 Americans are not getting enough fruit and vegetables in their current diets and t the average American consumes 300 calories a day in soft drinks.

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