It’s Time to Make the Call to Stop Spam, Scam & Robocalls

Scams and unwanted robocalls are the #1 complaint to the FCC and cost Americans over $10 billion a year. Now in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, scammers are preying on consumers’ growing health and financial fears – putting even more people at risk. Americans have already lost over $80 million to COVID-related scams this year, and it’s just getting worse with losses from coronavirus scams up 70% from just May to June.

Any of us could fall victim — in fact, the latest research shows 20-somethings are nearly three times as likely to fall victim to scams as seniors. Tech and identity theft expert Carrie Kerskie will discuss the recent increase in these pesky calls and how to best protect yourself from the latest scams. In interviews on July 28th, she’ll dial out tips on how to get the newest safeguards – including T-Mobile’s industry-leading Scam Shield, a series of bold solutions to protect customers against scams and robocalls at this critical time. She’ll also share important information on how to stop, block, and put an end to these unwanted calls.

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