Kathryn Emery Gets Our Homes Ready For Fall

As the seasons change, make sure you take all the steps needed to make your home ready for whatever the weather brings. The power to do that is all in your hands, with advice you can always count on from home and lifestyle expert Kathryn Emery. You won’t want to miss her fall and winter guide that covers everything from lawns to floors, bathrooms and smart home products.

Whether home is the size of a mansion or a dorm, making life better at home is a mission for Kathryn, who established her career in home improvement at Home Depot – the largest retailer of its kind in the world. For nearly twenty years, Kathryn identified trends and created stories around hundreds of new products. Now, as an independent consultant, she’s partnering with major brands to bring even more stories to consumers who want the best homes ever.

Kathryn has regular spots on KTLA Morning News, Houston Life, Good Day Sacramento, Morning Blend in Las Vegas, and Colorado’s Best in Denver, among other shows. Her subjects run the gamut -from winterizing to spring cleaning, painting, flooring, kitchen, and bath, outdoor entertaining and green homes that are sustainable and affordable as well as smart home products. Viewers and listeners love her energy and passion for all things home.

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