Some of your favorite movie stars before they became famous!

Remember Jennifer Aniston in Leprechaun? Or Bradley Cooper in The Midnight Meat Train? No? Well, they probably wish you didn’t either!. Those movies and many more featuring famous actors before they blew up big are streaming on Pop culture geek Maude Garrett will have some fun discussing stars in movies before they were famous – a series of titles featuring your favorite actors, or hidden gems from your favorites. Some of her faves include Jason Momoa in Wolves (2014), DeBug (2016), Sugar Mountain (2015); Gerard Butler (who has a movie in cinemas now) in One Last Kiss (2000); Cate Blanchett (also on the big screen now) in Little Fish (2005); along with Bradley Cooper in Bending All the Rules (2011).

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Maude can also discuss new titles streaming in September: A History of Violence, Beautiful Creatures, Blood Diamond, Escape from Planet Earth, Gothika, Knowing, The Butterfly Effect, The Butterfly Effect 2 and Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds.

The funny and charming Aussie Maude Garrett is a popular TV and radio host, producer, voice actor and creator of “geeky” content. After a successful career in Australian Television and moving into the radio to host the Hot 30 Countdownnationwide, Maude decided it was time to set her sights on Los Angeles. As the host of The Hot Hits Live From LA, Maude was a staple at every major red-carpet premiere where she interviewed the world’s biggest stars including Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon. Focusing on her true passion (“being a nerd”), Maude launched Geek Bomb, the popular online destination and YouTube channel (with over 100K subscribers), focusing on movies, TV, comic books, video games & more.

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